Position Letters

2023 Letters

2023 Priority Legislation

AJR 4 (Schiavo): Sponsor – Medicare Protection Act of 2023
AB 751 (Schiavo): Sponsor – Elder Abuse
AB 449 (Ting): Co-Sponsor – Hate Crimes: Law Enforcement Policies
AB 1672 (Haney): Support – IHSS Employee-Employer Relations Act
SB 770 (Wiener): Support – Unified Healthcare Financing
SB 253 (Wiener): Support – Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act
SB 278 (Dodd): Support – Holding Banks Accountable for Assisting Financial Scams Against Elder Californians
SB 37 (Caballero): Support – Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Housing Stability Act of 2023
AB 540 (Wicks): Support – Social Service Transportation Improvement Act: Coordinated Transportation Service Agencies
AB 1286 (Haney): Support – Stop Dangerous Pharmacies Act

2023 Support Bills

AB 48 (Aguiar-Curry): Support – Nursing Facility Resident Informed Consent Protection Act of 2023
AB 83 (Lee): Support – Get Foreign Money Out of California Elections Act
AB 386 (Nguyen): Support – California Right to Financial Privacy Act
AB 488 (Nguyen): Support – Skilled Nursing Facilities: Vision Loss
AB 838 (Connolly): Support – California Water Affordability & Infrastructure Transparency Act of 2023
AB 1064 (Low): Support – Hate Crimes
SB 90 (Wiener): Support – Insulin Affordability Act
SB 553 (Cortese): Support – Workplace Violence Prevention
AB 524 (Wicks): Support – Family Caregiver Discrimination
SB 639 (Limon): Support – Alzheimer’s Disease
SB 779 (Stern): Support – Primary Care Clinic Data Modernization Act


2022 Letters

Assembly Bills

AB  854, Lee (Support) — Ellis Act Reform
AB 1130, Wood (Support) — California Health Care Quality and Affordability Act
AB 1400, Kalra (Support, Assembly Appropriations) — Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare)
AB 1502, Muratuschi  (Support, Assembly Health) — Skilled nursing facilities
AB 1502, Muratuschi  (Support, Assembly Appropriations) — Skilled nursing facilities
AB 1947, Ting (Support) — Freedom from Hate Crimes Act

Senate Bills

SB 260, Wiener (Support)—Climate Corporate Accountability Act
SB 951, Durazo (Oppose)— SDI/Paid Family Leave

Senate Joint Resolutions

SJR 11, Skinner (Sponsor) — The Social Security 2100 Act

2021 Letters

Assembly Bills

AB 71, Rivas (Support) — Homelessness funding: Bring California Home Act
AB 98, Frazier (Support) — Health care: medical goods: reuse and redistribution
AB 123, Gonzalez (Support) —Paid family leave: weekly benefit amount
AB 279, Muratsuchi (Support) — Intermediate care facilities and skilled nursing facilities: COVID-19
AB 279 Support letter to the Governor
AB 438, Wood (Support) — School employees: classified employees: layoff notice and hearing
AB 383, Salas (Support) — Mental health: older adults
AB 438, Reyes (Support) —School employees: classified employees: layoff notice and hearing
AB 470, Carrillo (Support) — Medi-Cal: eligibility
AB 502, Davies (Oppose) —Common interest developments: election requirements
AB 523, Nazarian (Support) — Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
AB 540, Petrie Norris (Support) — Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
AB 557, Muratsuchi  (Support) — Hate crimes: hotline
AB 616, Stone (Support) — Agricultural labor relations: labor representative elections: representation ballot card election
AB 665, Garcia (Support) —Residential care facilities for the elderly: basic services: internet access
AB 648, Hurtado (Support) — Care facilities
AB  695, Arambula (Support) — Elder and dependent adults
AB 749, Nazarian (Support) — Skilled nursing facilities: medical director certification
AB  774, Voepel (Support) — Senior legal services
AB 848, Calderon (Support) — Medi-Cal: monthly maintenance amount: personal and incidental needs
AB 857, Kalra/Durazo (Support) — Employers: Labor Commissioner: required disclosures
AB 919, Nazarian  (Support) — California Community Transitions
AB 1041, Wicks (Support) — Leave
AB 1054, Arambula (Support) —Skilled nursing facilities: intermediate care facilities: feeding assistants
AB 1083, Nazarian (Support) — Senior affordable housing: nursing pilot program
AB 1132, Wood (Support) —Medi-Cal
AB 1400, Kalra (Support) — Guaranteed Health Care for All
AB 1502, Muratuschi  (Support) — Skilled nursing facilities

Senate Bills

SB 48, Limón(Support) — Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
SB 56, Durazo (Support) — Medi-Cal: eligibility
SB 107, Wiener (Support) — CalFresh
SB 221, Wiener  (Support) — Health care coverage: timely access to care
SB  258, Laird (Support) — Aging
SB 260, Wiener (Support)—Climate Corporate Accountability Act
SB 281, Pan (Support) — Medi-Cal: California Community Transitions program
SB 362 Support letter to the Governor
SB 460, Pan (Support — Long-term health facilities: patient representatives
SB 447, Laird (Support) — Civil actions: decedent’s cause of action
SB 460, Pan (Support)— Long-term health facilities: patient representatives
SB 478, Weiner (Oppose) — Planning and Zoning Law: housing development projects
SB 606, Cortese (Support) — Workplace safety: violations of statutes: enterprise-wide violations: employer retaliation
SB 606 Support letter to the Governor
SB 639, Hurtado (Support) — Minimum wages: persons with disabilities
SB 650 Support letter to the Governor
SB  515, Pan (Support) — Long-term services and supports
SB  591, Becker  (Support) — Senior citizens: intergenerational housing developments

2020 Letters

Assembly Bills

AB 345 (Support) – Natural resources: environmental justice: oil and gas: regulation of operations
AB 683 (Support) – Medi-Cal: Eligibility
AB 2377 (Support) – Adult residential facilities: closures and resident transfers
AB 2782 (Support) – Mobilehome parks: change of use
AB 2830 (Support) – Health Care Payments Data Program

Senate Bills

SB 54 (Support) – Ban Single Use Plastics
SB 972 (Support) – Corporation taxes: disclosure
SB 999 (Support) – Mobilehome park residencies: rent control: exemption
SB 1108 (Support) – Senior and disability victimization
SB 1130 (Support) – Telecommunications: California Advanced Services Fund
SB 1257 (Support) Health & Safety for All Workers Act

Congressional Bills

Senator Sanders and Congresswomen Jayapal  – Medicare Crisis Program Act – (Support)

Congresswoman Jayapal and Congressman Kennedy – Medicare Crisis Program Act – (Support)