CARA Ed Fund

2021-2022 ED FUND Board of Directors

Sharon Nakamoto, President
Luis Duran, Vice President
Dawn Bronsema, Secretary
Nan Brasmer, Treasurer


Carol Harvey

Sandra Mack

Dee Rosario

Bill Klinke

Nadine Peyrucain

Michelle Krug


To create a statewide organization in order to educate, develop policy, research, and provide technical assistance to inform seniors, senior organizations, the public, the media, and policy makers about issues that affect the well-being of senior citizens. CARA Education Fund’s work is consistent with the educational and social welfare purposes of a charitable organization exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The CARA Education Fund works for social and economic justice, full civil rights, and a better, more secure life for ourselves, our families and future generations. The CARA Education Fund Board of Directors is dedicated to advancing and achieving just and equitable living conditions for seniors within the state and the nation.