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CARA’s LTSS – Part 2 Fabulous Forum – July 12th

Forum Registration Link: https://bit.ly/CARALTSS2

Past CARA Fabulous Friday Forums Recordings

CARA’s Gay and Gray Fabulous Forum – June 14th

ForumRecording Link: Zoom Recording

CARA’s LTSS Fabulous Forum – May 24th

Forum Recording Link: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Senior Privacy Fabulous Forum – April 26th

Forum Recording Link: Zoom Recording: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Lobby Day Fabulous Forum – March 22nd

Forum Recording Link: Zoom Recording: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Medicare Privatization Fabulous Forum – March 8th

Forum Recording Link: Click Here

CARA’s Climate and Pride Fabulous Forum – June 23rd

Recording of our  May 19th Forum: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Housing Fabulous Forum – May 19th

Recording of our  May 19th Forum: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Lobby Day Training Fabulous Forum – April 14th

Recording of our  April 14th Forum: Zoom Recording

CARA’s CARA Giving and Receiving Fabulous Forum – March 3rd

Recording of our March 3rd Forum: Zoom Recording

Forum Resources and Handouts: March 3rd Resources Link

CARA’s Social Security Fabulous Forum – February 3rd

Recording of February 3rd: Zoom Recording

Speaker, Kathryn Donahue’s PowerPoint Presentation: https://bit.ly/REACHProfiteering2023

How Bills Become a Law Fabulous Forum – January 13th

Recording of January 13th: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Legislative Briefing – January 11th

Recording of January 11th: Zoom Recording

SCAM Fabulous Forum – November 18th

Recording of November 18th: Zoom Recording

ADA and Airlines Forum – October 26th

Recording of October 26th: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Empowered Elders Fabulous Forum – August 12th

Recording of August 12th: Zoom Recording

Long-Term and Support Services For All Forum – July 8th 

Recording of July 8th: Zoom Recording

Senior Vote Kick-Off/Pride Celebration Forum – June 17th

Recording of June 17th Forum: Zoom Recording

Preparing for May 20th CARA Lobby Day Training Forum – May 6th

Recording of May 6th Forum: Zoom Recording

Social Security Forum – April 22nd at 12 Noon

Recording of the April 22 Forum: ZOOM Recording

CARAs 2022 Legislative Priorities Forum

Recording of the March 18th Forum: Zoom Recording


Recording of the March 4th Forum: Zoom Recording

Celebration of Black History Month

Recording of the February 18th Forum: Zoom Recording

Next Steps for Guaranteed Healthcare for All in California 

Recording of the February 4th Forum: Zoom Recording

CARA’s Speaker Training

Recording of the January 21st Forum: Zoom Recording

The Harmful Privatization of Medicare: Medicare Advantage and Direct Contracting Entities

Recording of the December 2nd Press Event: Zoom Recording
Presentation by Ramon Castellblanch: Presentation Slides

Home & Community Based Services Rally

Recording of the August 27th Rally: 400 Stories for $400 Billion for Homecare Delivery to Speaker Pelosi

The book of 400 stories for $400 Billion for HCBS can be read HERE

Seniors and the Recall

Recording of the August 13th Forum: Seniors and the Recall

/SS Birthdays/ AJA/HCBS Fabulous FORUM

Recording of the July 30th Forum: Medicare/SS Birthdays/ AJA/HCBS Fabulous FORUM

Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Heat Safety, Water Conservation  Forum

Recording of the June 25th Forum: Emergency  Preparedness,  Fire and Heat Safety, Water Conservation Forum

Vial of Life Forms for Print

Gay and Gray

Recording of  the March 26th Forum: Gay and Gray

LGBTQIA + Resources Folder 

Making the Master Plan on Aging a Reality

Recording of  the March 26th Forum: Making the Master Plan on Aging a Reality

1) Patti Prunhuber’s Presentation Slides on Housing

2) David Lindeman’s  Presentation Slides on Inclusion & Equity, Not Isolation

3) Description of Bills Presented for the Master Plan on Aging


Seniors and the Fight for  Climate Justice

Recording of  the February 19th Forum: Seniors and the Fight for Climate Justice

1) Marty Lynch’s PowerPoint Presentation slides on Climate Change and Health

2) 2010-19 Air pollution pandemic, EV Standard (House)
Letter to Members of Congress

3) A List of Climate Change Groups in California

A special video on the Green New Deal, “A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”



“Earthrise” by Poet Amanda Gorman


Seniors and the Fight for Medicare for All

Recording of  the February 5th Forum
: Seniors and the Fight for Improved Medicare for All
We played artists Common and John Legend’s song “Glory” for the photos/quotes slideshow, but the link is without music due to copyright. The start of the program, when moderator Pauline Brooks speaks, is around the 4:57 mark.