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Seniors and the Fight for Medicare for All

Recording of  the February 5th Forum
: Seniors and the Fight for Improved Medicare for All
We played artists Common and John Legend’s song “Glory” for the photos/quotes slideshow, but the link is without music due to copyright. The start of the program, when moderator Pauline Brooks speaks, is around the 4:57 mark.




Seniors and the Fight for  Climate Justice

Recording of  the February 19th Forum: Seniors and the Fight for Climate Justice

1) Marty Lynch’s PowerPoint Presentation slides on Climate Change and Health


2) 2010-19 Air pollution pandemic, EV Standard (House)
Letter to Members of Congress


3) A List of Climate Change Groups in California

A special video on the Green New Deal, “A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”



“Earthrise” by Poet Amanda Gorman


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