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The 2018 elections could decide the future of programs that seniors depend upon – especially Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The current national leadership has made cuts and privatization of these programs a top priority – in fact they have already started making these cuts with more to come. Unfortunately, several of our California Congress members have voted to support these plans. We must let them know that seniors and our families, regardless of party preference, will not vote for someone who votes to support these devastating cuts. 

Please read more about how we will Take Back our Country and sign up today to be a Senior Phone Ambassador.  

Fill out our Seniors Vote 2018 – Take Action form (below) to become a Senior Phone Ambassador. More information and materials will be emailed to you. Questions? You can call the CARA office at 877-223-6107 (toll free).

More information on how we’ll
Take Action to Take Back our Country in 2018

  • CARA’s Seniors Vote 2018 is targeting 5 Congressional races where the incumbents continue to vote to dismantle our social insurance programs – programs that we paid for. We know that seniors could be the deciding votes in these districts (seniors comprise almost 50% of the regular voters in these districts in mid-term elections). Many of these senior voters are isolated, and don’t get a lot of information besides what they see on television, hear on the radio, or read in their mail. They vote for incumbents because they recognize their name, have voted for them before, or hear and see their name on advertisements, etc. Many of these voters do not even know that the people they elected are voting to cut the programs that they love and need.
  • CARA has an ambitious goal to reach thousands seniors in 5 Congressional Districts before the November 2018 Election. We are hoping to recruit hundreds of Senior Ambassadors to call a list of 20 seniors up to 4 times during the year. Each Ambassador will call the same list of seniors to let them know of candidate positions on key issues impacting seniors, share voting records, and answer questions. We believe if seniors get better information about candidates, they will make better choices at the ballot boxes. We will NOT be endorsing candidates.