LYRICS for Dec 11th, CARA’s Holiday Sing-Along

Lyrics for Holiday Sing-along on Dec. 11th
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SOLAR CAROL (To the tune of “Gloria In Excelsis Deo)

See the sun how bright it shines, on the nations of the earth

All who share this thing called life celebrate each day’s rebirth

(cho) So-o-o-o-lar power, inexpensive energy (2x)

Sister wind we’ve heard on high sweetly singing o’er the plain And the windmills in reply echoing their glad refrain

How we love complexity when the answer’s rather plain Join the sun in jubilee, sing with us this joyous strain


Rudolph the Union Reindeer Pulled the sleigh for old St. Nick He signed a union contract He knew polar politics

All of the other reindeer Worked long hours around the clock They paid no heed to Rudolph Thought the boss would fill their sock

Then one year on Christmas Eve They all came to say.
“We will do what you advise Rudolph, help us organize!”

Then how the reindeer loved him

As they lined up with their sleigh Now when they work on Christmas They’re all getting premium pay.

To the Tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic

We are people organizing for respect and dignity. We need health care that’s affordable and high in quality.

We need Medicare and MediCAID For everyone in need
And Social Security

People organized together

United, we can stand forever We’re people organized for action Together we will win.

To the Tune of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m dreaming of Covid relief Where those who have pay their fair share Where our earned benefits
Will stay intact
So we get our needed health care.

I’m dreaming of a bright New Year When Corona is no more

We can tax the top 1 percent And save services for the 99 percent

To the Tune of Deck the Halls

Raise your voice for decent health care

Fa la la la la, we’re old but strong! Retirement security is just damn rare Fa la la la la, it’s been too long!

We are sick of greedy companies Who make so much but pay much less Hands off our Social Security Tax the 1 percent and end this mess

To the Tune of You Better Watch Out

You better watch out. Get ready to cry We’ve all got to shout. We’re telling you why People’s rights are coming this year.

We’ve made up our list. We’re checking it twice A tax break for wealthy is naughty, not nice

Hands off our earned benefits this year.

We need to contain Health costs. And expand access for all. Dump the tax rebate for the 1 percent. And eliminate the CAP

We’re counting the votes. We’re checking them twice. We’re going to find out who’s naughty or nice. We’re asking to save benefits this year.

To the Tune of Let it Snow

Oh the mood in D.C. is frightful. And the atmosphere is spiteful. And they say they can spend no more. So they take from the old and the poor.

There’s been tax cuts for the wealthy. And health care for the healthy.
And even defense has scored.
But they’ll take from the sick and the poor.

We would like to make one thing clear. We voters are very upset.
Social Security for all is a right. Don’t cut our social safety net

Oh it’s time to start acting human. Time for voters to start fumin. Time to end this heartless war. On the sick, on the old, on the poor.

To the Tune of Winter Wonderland

In the halls, voices shoutin’
A billion more, but who’s countin’
As they’re singing along, their deficit song Living in a budget la la land.

They’ll cut housing and welfare.
Raise co-pays on our Medicare.
From the poor they will take – To give the rich a tax break Cause they’re living in a budget la la land.

They think they can take away our benefits When we protest they say they can’t hear.

When the time comes they’ll see we mean business. And they’ll regret it when we vote next year.

Rich and fat, they’ll retire. While our bills – they get higher.

They’ll bicker and fight – Gut every program in sight. Cause they’re living in a budget la la land.

To the Tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We wish you would tax the richest

We wish you would tax the richest
We wish you would tax the richest – Hands Off Medicare

The Grand Bargain plans are full of mistakes Instead of more cutting – tax the top 2 percent

The deficit plan is not hard to solve
End the tax breaks for wealthy – on this we resolve.

We wish you would tax the richest

We wish you would tax the richest
We wish you would tax the riches – Hands Off Medicare

To the Tune of Adeste Fideles, Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Oh come all you seniors. Bring along your families. We’re marching, we’re caroling for our benefits The current prescriptions – gives us all conniptions.

Social Security’s in our prayers

We need universal health care We need a plan that’s more fair Tax the rich!

To the Tune of Jingle Bells

Dashing down the way From the clinic to the store How much will I need to pay Will my health care cost me more? How can I feed my kids?
And pay my usual bills

When every month I’m forced to buy Such damn expensive pills.

MediCAID, MediCARE –Social Security We need to save these benefits
To keep our dignity
The richest folks should pay their share To close the deficit
Get our country back on track
Start next year with benefits

To the Tune of “Let it Snow”

While the minimum wage is frightful
For the wealthy, its’ delightful
Tell those millionaire CEOs
Share the dough, share the dough, share the dough

The battle around us rages
As we fight for living wages
And we want to get what we’re owed
Share the dough, share the dough, share the dough

We have families home at night Working two jobs is the norm And we know that its’ just not right This system needs some reform.

The economy’s globalizing
In the streets we’re organizing
And we’re making our movement grow Share the dough, share the dough, share the dough

To the Tune of the “Dreidel song”

OH dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I would have one today. But Mommy couldn’t buy one Cause no one raised her pay.

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, My Mommy’s check is slim. And so she’s always tired Living wages so all can win.

To the Tune of “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”

We wish you a Happy Holiday We wish you a Happy Holiday We wish you a Happy Holiday a And a peaceful New Year.

We thank one and all
For support that you bring Through the halls of our office Solidarity Rings. Chorus

On Kwanza or Soltice Hannukah, Ramadan too A season of justice
Is our wish to you. Chorus

To the Tune of “Winter Wonderland”

CEO’s are you listening?
On respect, we’re insisting
In each industry – our plans gonna be. Organizing workers in our land.

All you rich politicians
People want recognition
You’d better take note, we’re using our votes And organizing seniors in this land.