CARA Cash Back Program

Get cash back for your online shopping
raise money for CARA!


The California Alliance for Retired Americans is thrilled to announce its new cash back website which rewards members for their online purchases AND generates donations for CARA.

This new site, powered by the National Nonprofit Network, offers our members’ cash back rebates at more than 1,100 of the Internet’s most popular retailers. Some examples of participating stores are:

  • Stores and cash back are subject to change. See for a current list of stores and cash back rebate amounts.

In addition to the cash back available, the National Nonprofit Network posts deals and coupons from online stores almost every day. Members can use these coupons to save even more!

Here’s how easy it is for you to save money and to raise money for CARA at the same time:

  1. On the address bar of your computer enter:
  2. Click on JOIN FREE. Enter your email address and ZIP Code.
  3. You will have to review the terms of use and check the “I am not a robot” box. Press SUBMIT.
  4. A welcome letter will appear on the screen with your user name and temporary password.
  5. In the box on left side of screen, click Member Profile. Complete your Member Profile. There are just two required fields (with asterisk), one is your email address and the other is ZIP/Postal Code. This is also where you would create your new password although it is not required. You may continue to use the password provided when you created your account. Click on the SUBMIT button to save your changes.
  6. Select Stores to search for the merchandise or service you want to purchase and you will be provided a list of online vendors to choose from and compare. You can also search for a specific company you are interested in.
  7. Start shopping!

Take advantage of this special benefit right away!

Go to: and enroll today!